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Margot Lombaert Inspired By Livingstone

Date 19 August 2021

After being brought on in 2019, designer Margot Lombaert worked with the Curatorial Team to create single-line image illustrations to portray elements of Livingstone’s story.

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Museum Landscaping Work Receives Much Needed Funding Boost

Date 13 July 2021

David Livingstone Birthplace was delighted to receive a £200 donation from the Asda Foundation’s Green Tokens Scheme and a huge selection of over 200 bedding plants and climbers from local supermarket Asda Blantyre.

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Uncovering the Truth - The Royal Geographical Society Silver Medal

Date 27 May 2021

For the last few months I have been conducting research for the David Livingstone Birthplace Museum, focusing on a particular series of events that happened after Livingstone’s death on 1 May 1873.

Blantyre Works Library Rehousing Project R2

Blantyre Works Library Rehousing Project - Creating Book Sleeves

Date 13 June 2020

In reading, everything that I could lay my hands on was devoured... Scientific works and books of travel were my especial delight.

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Insights from the Collection - Antelope Skin Kaross

Date 20 May 2020

Learn more about the a cloak made out of Antelope skin traditionally known as a ‘kaross’ that was gifted to David Livingstone.

Discovering Objects in a Diviner’s Medical Kit

Discovering Objects in a Diviner’s Medical Kit

Date 12 May 2020

Aimee Murphy talks about her work placement and how it was fascinating to learn more about the collection's objects and their histories. Including her main focus of research on the objects previously catalogued as ‘witch doctor apparatus’.

Conservation Treatment on Haswell Miller’s Painting 'The Barred Door'

Conservation Treatment on Haswell Miller’s Painting, 'The Barred Door'

Date 29 April 2020

While David Livingstone Birthplace is closed for refurbishment, behind the scenes a team of National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) funded museum professionals, volunteers and students have been working to ensure the collection is protected and cared for.

Textile Workshop Sample

Alexandra Foulds: Textile Conservation with National Museums Scotland

Date 20 April 2020

David Livingstone Birthplace volunteer Alexandra Foulds describes her experience at a textile conservation workshop at the beginning of September 2019, organised by National Museums Scotland as part of their national training programme.

Lara Lasisi

A Year as Trainee at David Livingstone Birthplace: Lara Lasisi

Date 6 April 2020

For the last year Lara Lasisi worked as a trainee at David Livingstone Birthplace.

Sandy Marshall

Meet the Team: Sandy Marshall

Date 11 November 2019

Sandy Marshall is the Volunteer Coordinator at David Livingstone Birthplace. His role is to create a culture of volunteering to support and develop the visitor experience of the museum, when it reopens in 2020.

Austin Ndala YouTube Preview

Austin Ndala Explains Items from David Livingstone Birthplace Collection

Date 28 October 2019

Austin Ndala is a Next Step Initiative trainee with David Livingstone Birthplace. As a trainee, he gets to work in all aspects of museum and heritage practice, from community engagement to conservation.

Kate Smith, Collections Manager, David Livingstone Trust

Meet the Team: Kate Smith

Date 2 October 2019

Kate Smith is the Collections Manager at David Livingstone Birthplace. As a heritage consultant, her role is to organise the museum’s collection and ensure objects are safe and accessible in anticipation of the museum’s reopening in 2020.

Natalie Milor, Curator of the David Livingstone Trust

Meet the Team: Natalie Milor

Date 3 August 2019

Natalie Milor is the Curator of the David Livingstone Trust. Her role is centred around working on the redesign of the new museum with our designers Event Communications.

Pilkington Jackson Tableux

Pilkington Jackson Tableux

Date 2 August 2019

Charles d’Orville Pilkington Jackson, a prominent 20th Century British sculptor, was known for his work on some of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks, including The Scottish National War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle and statue of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn.

Restoration work at the David Livingstone Trust

Lottie Roberts and Lucy Brayson Look Back at Their Time with David Livingstone Birthplace

Date 1 August 2019

Lottie Roberts (Learning and Outreach Trainee) and Lucy Brayson (Curatorial and Community Engagement Trainee) - Skills for Success Learners, Museums Galleries Scotland supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Austin Ndala

Meet the Team: Austin Ndala

Date 1 August 2019

Austin Ndala is a Next Step Initiative trainee with David Livingstone Birthplace. As a trainee he gets to work in all aspects of museum and heritage practice, from community engagement to conservation.

Lesley Scott, Accredited Social History Conservator, David Livingstone Trust

Meet the Team: Lesley Scott

Date 1 August 2019

Lesley Scott is an Accredited Social History Conservator and came to work at the Birthplace at the end of 2018. Her main focus is the care and preservation of the Museums’ collection, it’s decant and return to the site and everything in-between.

Lara Lasisi

Meet the Team: Lara Lasisi

Date 1 August 2019

Lara Lasisi is a trainee with the Next Step Initiative Ethnic Minority Career, Museum & Built Environment Heritage Programme 2019.

Navigation Handling Box, David Livingstone Trust

Navigation Handling Box

Date 29 July 2019

We all use maps for different things, but the one thing we have in common is that we use them to navigate or find our way. David Livingstone did the very same thing when he created and used maps to help navigate across Africa in the 1850s during his Trans-African expedition.

The Smoke That Thunders

The Smoke That Thunders

Date 4 December 2018

16 November 1855 was the 163rd anniversary of David Livingstone reaching the Falls bordering of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We are very grateful to our key funders the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Historic Environment Scotland and the Scottish Government for their support in helping us deliver the Birthplace Project.

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