About Us

The David Livingstone Trust (DLT) was entrusted in 1930 with the ownership of the David Livingstone Centre at Blantyre, which includes the Listed Building of his birth, surrounding parkland, and the 2,000 piece David Livingstone collection. The Trust is charged through its constitutional documents with keeping alive the name and memory of David Livingstone at the site of his birth by making it available to the public, and providing an interesting, educational and enjoyable cultural experience.

Our Purpose

The founding purpose of David Livingstone’s Birthplace was ‘to keep forever fresh in the generous heart of youth the name and the story of David Livingstone and to make his humble birthplace a place of inspiration’ - a purpose that still holds strong today as we continue to be the foremost place in the world where people can learn about and be inspired by Livingstone’s extraordinary life and legacy.


David Livingstone’s Birthplace will be a space for encounters between people, places, epochs and ideas. It will be a dynamic visitor experience where people can learn about and be inspired by Livingstone’s story, his childhood home and our collection.

Our Mission

Today we continue Livingstone’s mission by enabling people from Scotland, Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to engage in intercultural dialogue and participate in the world as active global citizens.