Collections and Conservation Volunteer

Key Tasks

  • Assisting with cataloguing, inventory checking and packing the collection;
  • Assisting with basic cleaning of objects;
  • Conducting object research.


  • Interest in the life and work of David Livingstone;
  • Interest in historical objects;
  • Ability to work within a team and willingness to learn new skills.

Time and Level of Commitment

  • Minimum 3 hours a week dependent on availability of volunteer and project requirements (this is flexible however, so if you can volunteer less or more please get in touch).

Key Team Members Support

  • Learning Manager and relevant Birthplace Project team member (Centre Manager, Curator, Conservator, Documentation Officer), other volunteers.


  • Induction and relevant training (e.g. object handling, documentation, basic conservation skills) will be provided;
  • On-going support will be available.


Also see Volunteer section.