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This revised learning resource is designed to inspire and support schools to study the life and legacy of Scotland’s famous missionary, explorer and abolitionist, Dr David Livingstone.

The original resource was compiled by the National Trust for Scotland, and many of the original learning activities remain.

This revision has been compiled by David Livingstone Birthplace (DLB) and the West of Scotland Development Education Centre (WOSDEC).

This resource can be downloaded as a single PDF file (Global Citizenship Learning Resource) or as nine individual PDF files.

Individual Learning Resources

Scottish Curriculum for Excellence Mappings

Resource Mapping
1. Introduction SOC 2-06a, SOC 2–14a, SOC 2–19a, RME 2–02b.
2. Factory Life SOC 2–04a, SOC 2–15a, SOC 2–16b, SOC 2–19a, HWB 2–09a, RME 2–02b, SDG 8, SDG 12, UNCRC ART.32
3. Healthcare HWB 2–09a, HWB 2–15a, ENG 2–17a, SCN 2–02b, SDG 3, UNCRC ART.24.
4. Region RME 2–03c, RME 2–07a, RME 2–08a, RME 2–09b, RME 2–09c, RME 2–09d, SDG 16, UNCRC ART.2.
5. Gender Inequality RME 2–02b, HWB 2–09a, SOC 2–06a, SOC 2–16b, SDG 5, UNCRC ART.2.
6. Conservation SCN 2–01a, LIT 2–08a, EXA 2–13a, SCN 2–02a, SDG 14, SDG 15.
7. Trading Then and Now SOC 2–16b, SOC 2–15a, SOC 2–20a, SDG 8, UNCRC ART.325.
8. Taking Action HWB 2–13a, LIT 2–14a, RME 2–05b, SDG 1–16, UNCRC ART.12.
9. Further Reading N/A

Further Resources

  • Sustainable Development Goals
    Further details about the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be found on their web site.
  • West of Scotland Development Education Centre (WOSDEC)
    This resource was developed in collaboration with WOSDEC, a centre of Global Citizenship education for the West of Scotland, they have further learning resources available on their website
  • Signposts
    Signposts is a directory of resources available for Global Citizenship education, created by the International Development Education Association of Scotland.
  • Global Citizenship Guides
    Oxfam has some Global Citizenship Education guides for schools and teachers, available to download from their web site.
  • Global Citizenship Education Resources
    UNESCO publish resources about Global Citizenship on their web site.
  • Stride
    Stride is the Global Citizenship magazine for schools, and is available to read online.

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