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Using our school workshops and museum collection as a stimulus, this free learning resource provides activities for the classroom that take an anti-racist approach to studying the history of David Livingstone. Aimed at Third and Fourth Level or Senior Phase students (Secondary 1-6), the activities focus on topics like unpicking bias in historical and contemporary media, the importance of indigenous knowledge on expeditions in southern and central Africa, and centring African and marginalised voices in telling this shared history.

Each activity is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence and comes with all instructions, materials and information needed to undertake it. Each activity takes an estimated 30-50 minutes to complete and can be completed as a standalone or undertaken as a whole series of six lessons.

The document is split into three sections relating to the three expeditions of Livingstone's life in southern and central Africa. Each section provides two activities that cover a range of learning styles, along with further points of research to look at how Livingstone's life and the individuals involved in this history have a direct link to numerous cultural issues in the modern day.

"It's an excellent resource!"
Secondary Teacher in Social Subjects

"It's made me more confident in having pupil-led discussions with thinking points and allowing the conversation to go wherever it might rather than being prescriptive."
Secondary Teacher in Social Subjects

The Learning from Livingstone resource is aligned with Education Scotland's Learning for Sustainability and the Scottish Government's Building Racial Literacy programme. Notably the Anti-racist Curriculum Principles aim to support learners to:

  • Understand and enquire into Scotland's role in historical world events, including trans-Atlantic enslavement and colonial histories, and their continuing impact today.
  • Learn about and investigate past and present events in a way that amplifies under-represented perspectives and stories.
  • Be supported to reflect on positionality, privilege and power and to unlearn bias, prejudice and divisiveness.

Download the PDF via DLB_Learning_From_Livingstone_Web_high_Spreads.pdf.

The DLB Learning Team created this resource in partnership with WOSDEC.

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We would like to acknowledge the support and help of our partners in creating these resources.

WOSDEC - Global Learning Centre

We are very grateful to our key funders the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Historic Environment Scotland and the Scottish Government for their support in helping us deliver the Birthplace Project.

National Lottery Heritage Fund
Scottish Government
Historic Environment Scotland
Note: Please note that David Livingstone Birthplace (and the David Livingstone Trust) is no longer part of National Trust Scotland (NTS). NTS members will therefore no longer receive discounted/free entry to the Birthplace Museum.

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