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The David Livingstone Trust (DLT) was entrusted in 1929 with the ownership of David Livingstone Birthplace (DLB) at Blantyre, which includes the Category A-Listed Building of Livingstone’s birth, surrounding parkland, and a collection of 4,000 objects. The Birthplace Project has re-launched the site and re-interpreted his story for a new generation, telling his life story from multiple perspectives, from his humble beginnings as a Blantyre mill-worker to becoming a world-famous adventurer.

David Livingstone Birthplace is the only independent museum in Scotland that is dedicated to preserving the legacy of David Livingstone and re-examining his work within the complex and painful realities of slavery, colonialism and nineteenth century European attitudes towards African people and community groups. This puts the museum in a unique position to be central to discussions around Scotland’s role in slavery and colonisation and how that is represented both in our interpretation of David Livingstone’s story and the objects we hold within the museum. We embrace that position, and are committed to challenging unconscious bias, privilege, apathy, and ignorance. We consider all of this in relation to understanding Scottish heritage, missionary work, colonial history, and specifically with regard to the untold and contested narratives relating to Black history.

Our Values

  • Progressive

    We seek to understand the past from multiple perspectives and champion overlooked and erased narratives, voices, and experiences. We use our shared histories to inform the present, look to the future and to promote deeper understanding between peoples and cultures.

  • Challenging

    We challenge prejudice and discrimination, are actively anti-racist and acknowledge privilege with regards to all protected characteristics. We will also challenge ourselves to be brave in our approach and continually seek new ways of working.

  • Inclusive

    We are respectful to all our audiences, participants, and partners - both internally and externally. The Museum is a safe place – welcoming to all.

  • Engaging

    We promote learning and collaboration through our projects, events, and innovative partnerships. We seek engagement with community groups, educators, artists, activists, and other organisations, both locally and internationally.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

David Livingstone Birthplace (DLB) wishes to secure genuine equity of opportunity in all aspects of its activities. This applies to job applicants, employees, volunteers, trustees and users of our services. DLB is the only small independent museum in Scotland that is dedicated to preserving the legacy of David Livingstone and examining his work within the complex and painful realities of slavery, colonialism, and Nineteenth Century European attitudes about African people and community groups.

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Our Values - David Livingstone Birthplace
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David Livingstone Birthplace
David Livingstone Birthplace

We are very grateful to our key funders the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Historic Environment Scotland and the Scottish Government for their support in helping us deliver the Birthplace Project.

National Lottery Heritage Fund
Scottish Government
Historic Environment Scotland
Note: Please note that David Livingstone Birthplace (and the David Livingstone Trust) is no longer part of National Trust Scotland (NTS). NTS members will therefore no longer receive discounted/free entry to the Birthplace Museum.

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